Spiced Mango Blueberry Jam

I’ve never wanted to drink a glass of warm jam before. I mean, really. Just stick a straw in that mason jar and go to town. Jam is basically a smoothie, right? Kinda? Sorta? Every once in a while I make something that knocks me out. Something so tasty, that I just can’t help but […]

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JC’s Tres Leches Cake

¬† I have a confession to make. I was never a big Tres Leches Cake fan. For those of you out there unfamiliar with this dessert, it is a cake popular in many Hispanic homes. Essentially, it is a yellow cake that is baked then poked many times before a mixture of three kinds of […]

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Food Nerds Unite!

Warning. This post is gonna get all food-nerd-fan-girl up in here. But, I’m not a stalker, mmmmkay? I mean, who stalks produce??? psssh. *nervously looks away* Who sees a twitter post about Brussels Sprouts and rushes over to Green Grocer¬†just to look at them? Not me! Err, I’m, umm, busy shopping and getting my nails […]

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