Food Nerds Unite!

Green Deli

Warning. This post is gonna get all food-nerd-fan-girl up in here.

But, I’m not a stalker, mmmmkay? I mean, who stalks produce??? psssh. *nervously looks away*

Who sees a twitter post about Brussels Sprouts and rushes over to Green Grocer just to look at them?

Not me! Err, I’m, umm, busy shopping and getting my nails did. And stuff.

Okay, okay! I admit it. You got me. I LOVE PRODUCE! And I LOVE Green Grocer!

I’ve been ordering their items through a grocery delivery service for the past few months. One day after work, I was feeling particularly adventurous. Read: I was willing to venture off of the highway to go find them.

Green Grocer
is small but mighty. A bright explosion of organic produce and artisan products. It’s staffed with amazing people, too. And they make KILLER juices.

Cassie, the awesome owner, allowed me to get all Geeky up in her store last Saturday. I really want to share my passion for local businesses and GOOD FOOD with you all. So, as much as I can, I will get my behind down to Green Grocer  to see what local goodness I can find. I found so much cool stuff that I actually got inspiration for TWO Green Grocer-inspired dishes instead of my intended one. Although, I did feel obliged to let every employee know what I was doing, for fear I would become “that weird lady that comes in and takes pictures of our veggies”.

Check out the awesome stuff I found (and go visit Green Grocer, located at 3614 Greenville in Dallas to see for yourself):



Lemons. If you don’t have a bowl on your counter, you’ll be sorry!


Green Grocer is so rad, they had Kombucha named after them!

Juice Bar

If you find yourself at the Juice Bar, order a “Helen of Troy”. Oh My GreenJuice!

Puppy Butts

Oh, and on select weekends they have puppy adoptions. So get a juice and get a puppy.

And try not to smile.

*Look for Green Grocer inspired recipes to be posted on Birdcage Bakeshop


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