Blackberry Verbena Gin & Tonic

Blackberry Verbena Gin & Tonic
Blackberry Verbena Gin & Tonic

Good morning!

Yes, I know that it is 11:30 am on a Sunday morning. And, yes, Virginia, I do know that it is a tad too early for most folk to be drinkin’ gin and tonics.

When I mentioned to Mr. Birdcage that I was shooting a recipe for a gin and tonic, he snickered and said it was too early.

But, seriously, guys.  Why are mimosas acceptable brunch fare but gin and tonics apparently aren’t? Is it the bubbles in champagne? Is that the “bling” necessary for an alcoholic drink to be A-Okay at brunch time?

Well, gin and tonics have sparkling water/soda water in them. Let’s just call that DIY champagne and get over ourselves. This Blackberry Verbena Gin & Tonic would make a fab partner for some French Toast.

I had gotten a jar of Lemon Verbena Sugar from Spaulding’s Specialty Spices and I’d gone around and around with what I was going to make with it. I, being partial to craft cocktails, decided to make a gin and tonic with it.

Sugar! Fancy Sugar!
Sugar! Fancy Sugar!

I don’t have a problem with Gin & Tonics at brunch time (obviously), but my wallet has a problem with going out to brunch and dropping $10 on a “craft cocktail”. I think the fact that most of these artisan cocktails are served in mason jars automatically means a $4 raise in bar prices.

Damn you, pretentious mason jars.

Make this recipe and save considerable cash making your own damn craft cocktails in the luxury of your own home. In your pajamas. French Toast Crumbs on your shirt optional.

Berry puree is added to a glass.
Berry puree is added to a glass.
Followed by the Lemon Verbena simple syrup.
Followed by the Lemon Verbena simple syrup.
Add your Gin. No, I haven't been drinking...yet.
Add your Gin. No, I haven’t been drinking…yet.
Bottoms Up!
Bottoms Up!

You can use this recipe to keep all the gin and tonic fixings in your fridge to make cocktails one at a time. Throwing a party? You can also mix everything except the ice and sparkling water in a pitcher the morning of. Just stir in the ice and sparkling water immediately before serving to your guests, in mason jars of course.

Then, just for giggles, slip your party guests a bar tab for $10 per drink. 😉


Blackberry Verbena Gin & Tonic

  • Servings: 8-10
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Blackberry Puree:

1 pint blackberries

2 T. water


1. In a small food processor (or blender), combine rinsed berries and water. Process until smooth. If desired, strain mixture to eliminate any seeds or large pulp.

2. Store puree in a small jar, refrigerated for up to two days, in the refrigerator.

Lemon Verbena Simple Syrup:

1/2 cup white sugar (or 4 oz. jar of Spaulding’s Specialty Spices Lemon Verbena Sugar)

2 leaves lemon verbena (if using Lemon Verbena Sugar, omit)

1/2 cup filtered water


1. In small saucepan, bring 1/2 cup water to boil.

2. Stir in sugar and lemon verbena leaves (if using). Keep stirring until sugar has dissolved.

3. Immediately remove from heat and let steep for 15 minutes until cooled. Remove leaves. Store syrup in a jar, refrigerated.

Cocktail Directions:


1 T. blackberry puree

1 T. lemon verbena simple syrup

1 ounce gin

4-5 ice cubes

4 ounces soda water, sparkling water, or club soda

thin strip of lemon zest, about 3″ long


1. In a glass, combine blackberry puree, simple syrup, and gin.

2. Add ice cubes.

3. Stir in soda water.

4. Top with lemon zest strip.

5. Serve immediately.


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