Baked Stonefruit with Granola

Yesterday my baking company, Birdcage Bakeshop, participated in the Artisan’s Market held monthly at Williams Sonoma. I know. (Squeeeeee!) Navigating the world as a new business owner is exciting. And terrifying. Luckily, the sampling went well and I fielded lots of questions on what to do with the granola I was selling. “Funny you should ask. […]

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Flourless Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cake with Balsamic Pomegranate Sauce

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, peeps. Valentine’s is a day of romance, embraces, nice dinners out. It’s also a day of expensive flowers, long waits at over-crowded bistros, and babysitters’ fees. I’m not trying to sound negative about the holiday, but my hubs and I are the stay-inside-and-celebrate type. I’ve yet to decide what I’m cooking […]

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Black Eyed Peas ‘n Greens Stew

There are certain dishes that just scream “From the South”. Although I am not a native southerner, I have grown fond of greens; kale, collard, mustard – you name it! Winter time in Texas means an overabundance of greens in markets and co-op shares. When I first moved down from up north, I would have […]

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