Stovetop Apple Bourbon Butter

The Apple Bourbon Butter is cooked on the stovetop¬†and contains¬†plenty of warm spices, bourbon, and jarred applesauce. No peeling and dicing of apples needed and it comes together in a half hour! Set it on the stove and get started on the pancakes. It’ll be done by the time your last pancake comes off the […]

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Spiced Mango Blueberry Jam

I’ve never wanted to drink a glass of warm jam before. I mean, really. Just stick a straw in that mason jar and go to town. Jam is basically a smoothie, right? Kinda? Sorta? Every once in a while I make something that knocks me out. Something so tasty, that I just can’t help but […]

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Kid-Friendly Wheat Pancakes

Oh, good grief, the photo above is reason #1,123,098 why I need to take a photography class. But truth be told, I am NOT aspiring to become a world class photographer. I’m more concerned with how things taste versus how they look. My main goal with this kick-off post is to share tried and tested […]

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